Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Services in the field of oil & gas, refining and petrochemical industries

IMG Engineering is in permanent quest for quality and experience which matured into the most sophisticated, updated and computerized Data Bank of leading qualified professionals of various specialties, who acquired experiences all over the world.

We take great care in proper identifying, choosing and assigning exactly according to Clients requirements. Screening our vast international Database we are able to have immediate feedback on the availability of the required personnel. We have developed the most strict selection procedure in order to maintain and excel efficient, economic, prompt and guaranteed service to our clients.

We provide the personnel to perform the following services:

  • Technical Designs
  • Plant and Equipment Diagnostics
  • Inspection & Quality Control of Equipment
  • Supervision of construction and erection works
  • Pre-commissioning / Commissioning / Start-up
  • Operation of Plants
  • Plants Maintenance & Workshop

These personnel may be assigned either in client's home office, engineering contractor offices, construction sites or plants in operation.


IMG Engineering had the following clients:

  • National Oil Company in Libya
  • TONWEI Investment in Port Harcourt (Nigeria)
  • NIS Oil Refinery in Pancevo (Serbia)
  • NIS Oil Refinery in Novi Sad (Serbia)
  • DIOKI Petrochemical Complex in Zagreb (Croatia)
  • ASMIDAL Fertilizer Complex in Arzew (Algeria)
  • FERTALGE Liquid Fertilizer Plant in Arzew (Algeria)
  • ZORKA Fertilizer Complex in Subotica (Serbia)
  • HIP-AZOTARA Fertilizer Complex in Pancevo (Serbia)

and provided various construction and engineering services, such as:

  • Technical diagnostics of existing plants
  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual designs (process, civil, mechanical, electrical , instrumentation)
  • Design of new units (process, civil, mechanical, electrical , instrumentation)
  • Design of reconstructions (process, civil, mechanical, electrical , instrumentation)
  • Purchasing and supply of a new equipment
  • Site managing and supervision of construction works
  • Start-up of plants, testing and acceptance.

In the field of Technical Assistance, more than 200 Engineers and Technicians (various disciplines) were engaged in the last 10 years in Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, effecting the services in design and supervision , as well as the services in operation and maintenance of refining plants, petrochemical plants and oil & gas fields.

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